Welcome to the Government Chemist blog by Nick Boley
June 27, 2012, 14:49
Filed under: Government Chemist Information

Welcome to the Government Chemist blog.

The blog is here to pass on information from the Government Chemist (GC) Advisory Function and any other appropriate information regarding analytical measurements in the context of  regulatory or legislative developments. It replaces the monthly updates which I have been posting for several months and is designed to be a more informal tool for disseminating information, receiving feedback and stimulating discussion and debate.

All feedback is gratefully received – let me know what you think of the blog and what type of information you’d like to see.


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This site goes to show how many industry sectors depend on chemical measurement to secure regulated markets and win the confidence of customers. In many cases, we might as well not bother to protect ourselves with product regulations until there is enough scientifically sound testing to keep tabs on compliance.

Comment by John

[…] The number of deaths relating to legal highs has been steadily rising in the last few years and since coming to power the UK government has banned over 200 psychoactive substances. Today, the UK government announced that it will be seeking to opt out of the forthcoming EU Psychoactive substances regulation. The government has claimed it requires a more speedy and effective approach to deal with NPS activity. For further information on why this decision has been taken please see the Government Chemist blog. […]

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