Many new CEN Publications in August covering chemical analysis by Nick Boley
September 6, 2012, 11:10
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During the month of August the European Standards Organisation, CEN, published a significant number of standards and documents covering analytical testing in areas with regulatory interests. The complete list of documents is given here.

The documents are:

CEN ISO/TR 11811:2012. Nanotechnologies – Guidance on methods for nano- and microtribology measurements.

EN 1744-8:2012. Tests for chemical properties of aggregates – Part 8. Sorting test to determine the metal content of Municipal Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregates.

There is a series of standards covering measurement methods for sludges, treated biowaste and soil:

  • EN15933:2012 – Determination of pH
  • EN15934:2012 – Calculation of Dry Matter fraction after determination of dry residue or water content
  • EN15935:2012 – Determination of loss on ignition
  • EN15936:2012 – Determination of Total organic Carbon (TOC) by dry combustion
  • EN16166:2012 – Determination of adsorbable organically-bound halogens (AOXs)
  • EN16167:2012 – Determination of PCBs by GC-MS and GC-ECD
  • EN16168:2012 – Determination of total nitrogen by dry combustion method
  • EN16169:2012 – Determination of kjeldahl nitrogen
  • EN16173: 2012 – Digestion of nitric acid soluble fractions of elements
  • EN16174:2012 – Digestion of aqua regia soluble fraction of elements
  • EN16179:2012 – Guidance for sample pre-treatment

There are two documents relating to footwear (critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components):

  • CEN ISO/TS 16179:2012 – Determination of organotin compounds in footwear materials
  • CEN ISO/TS 16186:2012 – Quantitative determination of dimethyl fumarate in footwear materials

EN13368-2:2012. Fertilisers – Determination of chelating agents in fertilisres by chromatography – part 2. Determination of Fe-chelated by o,o-EDDHA, o,o-EDDHMA and HBED by ion-pair chromatography,

CEN/TS 15633-3:2012. Foodstuffs – detection of allergens by immunological methods – Part 3: Quantitative determination of hazelnut with an enzyme immunoassay using polyclonal antibodies and Lowry protein detection.


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