Leading scientists express concern over EU Endocrine Disrupter proposals by Nick Boley
May 24, 2013, 14:50
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Over 80 leading scientists in the field of public health have expressed their concern over the European Union’s stance on endocrine disrupting chemicals (ECDs). They consider the proposals put forwards by some  States for the regulation of EDCs to be inadequate and not based on sound scientific principles. Citing the increase in cancers of the prostate, testes, ovaries and thyroid across the EU they have urged the European Commission to act and introduce an appropriately strong regime to regulate EDCs.

The scientists have signed the Berlaymont Declaration on Endocrine Disrupters, which states their position in more detail, and have also issued a press release through the University of Brunel, Uxbridge, London. The stance of this group is in contrast to the view favoured by the UK Government, which does not support the blanket use of the “precautionary principle” and instead wishes to see balanced and strong evidence for taking regulatory action against potentially toxic substances.

One area which is of interest is the group’s call for better validated laboratory testing procedures for identifying endocrine disrupting effects. With a move away from animal testing, this is an area which needs further research and development to provide the evidence necessary to drive regulation.


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