EU Regulates for Engineered Nanomaterials in Food by Nick Boley
December 19, 2013, 10:56
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The European Commission has published a regulation, Commission Delegated Regulation No 1363/2013, which amends Regulation 1169/2011 pertaining to nanomaterials in foods.

The new regulation states that food labelling must list “engineered nanomaterials” in the list of ingredients. These could be, for example, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide or silver. The definition of what constitutes a nanomaterial is that previously given by a Commission Recommendation in 2011, so there is consistency across sectors. Work has been ongoing in a number of organisations, including LGC, to develop definitive methods for identifying and quantifying nanomaterials according to this definition.

The main thing to note here is the term “engineered nanomaterials”. This applies to nanomaterials which have been deliberately produced, so that the regulation excluded naturally-occurring nanomaterials which have been present in our food for thousands of years.

UPDATE: The Commission has now stated that this Regulations should be considered null and void. I will endeavour to find out why and blog on that when I do.


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