New REACH Restriction on Chromium (VI) compounds by Nick Boley
March 27, 2014, 15:59
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The European Commission have published a new Regulation, 301/2014, which restricts the use of chromium (VI) compounds in leather goods.

A maximum limit of 3 mg/kg by weight has been implemented.

Recent work funded by the Government Chemist Programme has separated and quantified chromium (VI) in mixtures of chromium compounds using HPLC-ICP-MS/MS. This could be applied to leather goods if an appropriate extraction step can be developed. This work could be funded under the 2014-17 Government Chemist Programme if considered appropriate.


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Paragraphs (6) to (8) of the preamble to Reg 301/2014 tell an interesting story. The new limit of 3 mg/kg is just what the recognised EN ISO 17075 method can measure. Lower Cr(VI) levels in leather could still cause adverse effects, so, as paragraph (8) implies, there is genuine need for a higher performance method. It will need to be sensitive, reliable, and gain support from within the monitoring & enforcement community.

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