New CEN Publications – June/July 2014 by Nick Boley
July 28, 2014, 09:21
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The following list shows standards and technical documents published by the European Standardisation Organisation, CEN, during June and July 2014, some of which are relevant to chemical measurement in support of regulation.

EN 12822:2014 – Foodstuffs: Determination of vitamin E by high performance liquid chromatography – Measurement of α-, β-, γ- and δ-tocopherol

EN 14122:2014 – Foodstuffs:- Determination of vitamin B1 by high performance liquid chromatography

EN 14152:2014 – Foodstuffs:- Determination of vitamin B2 by high performance liquid chromatography

EN 14164:2014 – Foodstuffs:- Determination of vitamin B6 by high performance liquid chromatography

EN/ISO 15181:2014 – Paints and varnishes: Determination of release rate of biocides from antifouling paints – Part 6: Determination of tralopyril release rate by quantitation of its degradation product in the extract

EN/ISO 16373-2:2014 – Textiles: Dyestuffs – Part 2: General method for the determination of extractable dyestuffs including allergenic and carcinogenic dyestuffs (method using pyridine-water)

EN/ISO 16373-3:2014 –   Textiles: Dyestuffs – Part 3: Method for determination of certain carcinogenic dyestuffs (method using triethylamine/methanol)

EN 12873-1:2013 – Influence of materials on water intended for human consumption – Influence due to migration – Part 1: Test method for factory-made products made from or incorporating organic or glassy (porcelain/vitreous enamel) materials

CEN/TR 16699:2014 – Foodstuffs: Determination of pesticide residues by GC-MS/MS – Tandem mass spectrometric parameters

EN 12228-1:2014 – Determination of individual and total sterols contents: Gas chromatographic method – Part 1: Animal and vegetable fats and oils

EN/ISO 6974-5:2014 – Natural gas: Determination of composition and associated uncertainty by gas chromatography – Part 5: Isothermal method for nitrogen, carbon dioxide, C1 to C5 hydrocarbons and C6+ hydrocarbons


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