Characterisation report on Cerium dioxide nanomaterials produced by JRC by Nick Boley

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a report detailing the characterisation of two cerium oxide nanomaterials, designated NM-211 and NM-212. These nanomaterials are described as “representative test materials”, so they are not reference materials, but do have a number of properties which enable them to be useful to laboratories wishing to compare their measurements for a range of physico-chemical parameters for nanomaterials. They are therefore of significant value to laboratories wishing the benchmark their measurements in this important field, particularly in advance of the EU definition of a nanoparticle being implemented within the next year.

The characterisation of the materials covered a wide range of properties including particle size. The measurements indicated that these materials exhibited a significant level of aggregation and agglomeration, but the material NM-212 did have a significant population of particles below 50 nm in diameter, with the mean diameter, as determined by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) of 28.4 +/- 10.4 nm.

There was no result report about the number of particles (by mass or number) with one dimension below 100  nm,  so no conclusion could be made regarding whether these materials complied with the proposed EU definition of a nanoparticle.


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