Trade body questions need for European nanomaterials register by Nick Boley
August 11, 2014, 09:38
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Trade body the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) has questioned the need for the possible establishment of an EU-wide register of nanomaterials.

This is in response to a consultation from the European Commission to ask organisations in Member States their views on implementing some form of registration system for manufactured nanomaterials. To date, systems have been implemented on a national basis by Belgium, Denmark and France.

The CIA believe that a new register would not guarantee better safety, or increase consumer trust and confidence. The consultation does not indicate that these are key issues. Additionally, nanomaterials could be regulated under REACH – indeed they are to some extent – and the question of why another registration system is needed has been rightly asked.

A widely-held view is that any form of regulation or registration of nanomaterials should not be considered until the EU definition of a nanomaterial has been agreed and adopted, and that validated methods of measurement have been established to underpin any definition. Considering regulation before these are in place are seen as “putting the cart before the horse” in many places. This is something with which we fully agree.


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