New report on PBDE in water measurement published by Nick Boley
September 3, 2014, 15:41
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A new report on the development of new measurement methods for the determination of polybrominated diphenyethers (PBDEs) in waters has been published by the Government Chemist on the GC pages of the website.

The report, submitted as an MSc thesis by Loughborough University student Babarinde Olukayode Adedayo, was written following a 4 month placement at LGC’s Teddington laboratories, which was supported by the Government Chemist Advisory Function.

The work carried out highlights a method based upon semi-exact matching double isotope dilution mass spectrometry (SEMDIDMS) following liquid-liquid extraction as a pre-concentration step. The objective of the work was to develop a method capable of measuring PBDEs, which are highly toxic, bioaccumulative and persistent chemicals previously used as flame retardants, with limits of quantification (LOQs) below the limit values stated in the Quality Standards Directive (QSD) of the Water Framework Directive. The limit values of 0.5 ng/L are particularly challenging, and cover the sum of the 6 PBDEs BDE-28, BDE-47, BDE-99, BDE-100, BDE-153 and BDE-154, which are the six PBDEs which are most likely to be found.




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