Outputs of ECHA Nanomaterials Workshop Available by Nick Boley
February 17, 2015, 16:34
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The presentations given at a nanomaterials workshop held at the ECHA premises in Helsinki in October 2014 are now available on the ECHA website. The workshop, “Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials”  covered a range of topics, with a wide range of speakers and delegates attending.  One of the themes which emerged from the workshop was that of the need for measurement strategies to be able to identify nanomaterials according to the proposed EU definition: a material with 50 % or more of particles, by number size distribution, having a size between 1 nm-100 nm. This is needed before risk assessments can be carried out, so we know we are dealing with nanoscale materials specifically.

Some information was presented on methods for characterising and measuring nanoparticles which had been carried out under the EU Framework Programme 7 NanoReg 2 project.

It is encouraging to see that work is progressing towards  metrologically-sound methods being developed for characterisation and measurement of nanomaterials, and that attention is being paid to the practical aspects of defining nanomaterials as part of the overall risk assessment and regulatory process.




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