MoD publish document on REACH process by Nick Boley
September 2, 2014, 11:06
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The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has published a comprehensive document which covers all aspects of compliance with the REACH regulation. This guide “THE REACH REGULATION – A GUIDE TO REACH PROCESS AND EXEMPTION IN THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE”, written by the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support Branch, goes through the complete REACH system, explaining all the terminology and each process. It also covers Exemptions, as these may apply to some substances manufactured or used by the MoD which have defence implications and should fall outside the scope of REACH.

A companion document “THE REACH REGULATION – THE CHEMICAL ASSESSMENT & REPORTING PROCESS IN THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE” has also been published. This is a detailed guide covering how to complete a registration dossier, the information to include, and where to find sources of information to support this. This document also has a measurement dimension, in that it covers the physical and chemical properties which need to be described or measured as part of the registration process.

These guides, although written specifically for use in the MoD, are excellent examples of practical guidance documents for the complete REACH process, and would be of significant value for any organisation needing to engage with the REACH process.





European Commission updates list of defence equipment by Nick Boley

The European Commission have published an update of the list of defence-related equipment and materials which supersedes the Annex to Commission Directive 2009/43/EC. which controls the trade within the EU (and EEA) on defence related products.

The new list covers:

  • Chemical and Biological weapons and agents
  • Riot control agents
  • Explosives and precursors
  • Propellants

The Directive is scheduled to come into force in May 2014 in Member States.