ECHA Publishes outputs of Substance Brief Profile event by Nick Boley

The European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, has published the outputs from a workshop held in December 2013 in Helsinki to consider Substance Brief Profiles.

These outputs – presentations and feedback from breakout groups – cover the subject of Substance Brief Profiles. These are considered to be important dissemination tools, which conform to the principles of REACH legislation in informing the public about the risks of chemicals. This also applies to other legislation including CLP and the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD).

These profiles could contain summary information as shown in this presentation about chemicals and active substances in biocides. as can be seen, they do require an accurate identification of the substance, its chemical structure, IUPAC name, and supporting data such as EC number and CAS number. It is therefore very important that these details are all correct and verified in order not to cause confusion to those requiring this information. Correct substance identity, nomenclature and the assignation of the correct CAS number are not trivial tasks and require significant expertise. It is hoped that if these are to be introduced that great care is taken that all the information is validated to ensure accuracy and consistency.


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